Philippos was born and raised in Crete, Greece.
His passions either for photography or with the sea and the marine life started from his early age. Nowadays, as an enthusiast diver and photographer, the combination between them was unavoidable.

In 2019, with his childhood friend Myrto, co-founded Eco Diving Center and made his passion a life job.

For many years, he was a member of the Photographic Society of the University of Crete, while currently, he belongs in the organizing team of Fotosynthesis photo group.

He loves photographing either marine life or humans in the aquatic environment, while over the sea level. He also loves making portraits and conceptual projects. Philippos explores the seabed with his camera and through his lens, gives us magical moments from species and places that are not easily seen.

Many of his photos have already been published in media, worldwide photo magazines, famous websites and scientific articles.
Indicatively, National Geographic, Wild Planet, Fotographos, Mediterranean marine science etc.

In 2017 in the International Underwater Photography Contest held in Belgrade, (ADA Οpen IUPC 2017), Philippos won the 4th place in ambient category and the 5th in macro category. On May 2017 Philippos presented us his first personal underwater photography exhibition with the title “My Greece” in Basilica of Saint Mark in Crete, with sea species photographed exclusively in Greek seas. His second exhibition with the title “Kyklos”, followed under the “Techni kath Odon” art festival, organized by the municipality of Heraklion. He has also participated in several group photography exhibitions in the past.

Currently, My Greece photography exhibition was hosted for six years (2017-2023) in the Natural History Museum of Crete and as Philippos said, it was the greatest honour for him, until the next one..

Now My Greece found its “natural” place and it is hosted in Creta Aquarium

Philippos first studied Ichthyology and after, Methodology and Techniques of Scientific Diving in National & Kapodistrian University of Athens. He is also a certified Scuba Diving Instructor and underwater photographer of SSI and IANTD.

As a defender of the effort to protect the environment (illegal fishing, global warming, unexploited use of plastics, etc.), Philippos as an Ichthyologist, is a proud member of iSea research team and often takes photos on behalf of Greenpeace Greece.