My photo camera, my paintbrush and my gun

by Philippos Marakis | Thoughts


Have you ever wondered how freezing a moment in time can affect the future?

In the era of smartphones and social media we are bombarded daily with images. Beautiful pictures, ugly, indifferent, shocking. I am thinking sometimes the power of a photo camera and makes me feel uncomfortable. You create, imprint, or even change the story of a story.

How many people in history have been convicted or acquitted because someone pressed his camera button at the right time. How truly, you would see the world without Yiannis Behrakis clicks? How different would be the photographic art without the clicks of Bresson. How much insecurity makes you, a street photographer feel for your personal data?

In any case, photography indirectly or directly affects your life. Either in a positive or a negative way, and that’s power.

Respect the weapon you hold in your hands. It freezes the time.

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