The Cyzic Life Cycle

by Philippos Marakis | Thoughts

A few months before it starts singing outside our windows.

Few months before the beginning of the end.

You probably didn’t know that the cicadas live like a humble worm below the ground for seventeen years. You didn’t know how, as soon as it came out of the surface, climbing on the trees, making feathers and singing, the countdown has begun. A few weeks later, it dies.

Really how much time do we spend for just a few moments? Why, instead of living every minute of the 17 years of the life cycle, we live for the few weeks that we will come to the surface …? Why do we live like prisoners under the ground?

Let’s get the time and let’s live … Let’s not remind yourself the cyzic life cycle

filmaker : Samuel Orr
Project : Return of the Cicadas

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