We are all Giannis…

by Philippos Marakis | Thoughts

Most Valuable Player in Common, Most Valuable Person in the case of Antetokounmpo.

“It was difficult, we did not have a lot of money, but we had a lot of happiness, so that did not bruise us. When we were fighting, we were all together in that, we were having fun, we were smiling, surely it made me stronger “Giannis

The kid from Sepolia (aeria in Athens) grew up in oblivion, grew up in a room with his six-member family. The black kid in a “white” country was selling CDs and sunglasses illegally at the traffic lights to survive, as he revealed to Steve Kroft. The one who is proud of a country where many people feel ashamed to see the chocolate colour of his skin fitting so harmoniously with the blue national emblem. There is no need for any Mr Kyriakos and no Mrs Notopoulou (politicians) to become their vocal enthusiasm. Yeah, I read that they ran their warmest congratulations! The one who voted in the voting on the granting of citizenship to immigrant children born in Greece in June 2015 voted not! And for the other that the pre-election campaign was a tremendous opportunity to use his face on her pre-election poster for advertising. To gain more from him now that elections are coming.

I am tired of reading in social media about all this national pride.


ps. any resemblance to persons and situations .. it may be accidental. Maybe not

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